Get it done, keep moving

Kachi Eloka
1 min readFeb 3, 2023


Source: Family Archive

I used to have this habit of lingering to admire a body of work I’ve completed, like a piece of writing or a photograph or some other thing that I’ve made (I’m always on one personal project or another even if I never finish or show it).

I sit with it like the rich man in the Bible who looked at his harvest, his heart swelling with pride and said to himself, “you’ve done well and can now retire.”

I overcompensate myself for completing that one brilliant thing and celebrate that tiny accomplishment for far too long when I could be spending time doing the next important thing.

Bad habit.

Get it done and keep moving.

That is what I constantly tell myself these days.

Rather than idolizing something that’s done and dusted — and in doing so, taking time away from the next thing I could be doing, I have resolved to detach; get it done and keep moving.

There’s so much more to be accomplished.