Where is Temi DollFace?

Kachi Eloka
2 min readJan 7, 2023


Ph: Temi Dollface

I know it’s foolish to forget that life exists outside of Instagram, but when a rising star who actively used Instagram suddenly disappears for a long period of time, you can’t blame people for suspecting that something is wrong.

Temi Dollface is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and composer whose genre of music has been described as electro-pop-soul — jazzy, energetic and theatrical. When she was 20, she signed with Sony Records in the UK and was with them for five years before moving back to Nigeria where she released her first single Pata Patawhich, in my personal opinion, sounds familiarly foreign.

Pata Pata was released in 2013 and by December 2014, she had received four nominations for “Best Video”, “Revelation Of The African Continent”, “Best African Pop Song” and “Most Promising African Artiste On The Continent”

The point I’m trying to make here is that she was not a minor act.

On Instagram, she was quirky and stylish. She was active at a time when the IG feed wasn’t so rigidly curated, so she often shared unfiltered photos of herself in vintage-inspired hairstyles and outfits (hello #ootd). She shared snippets from her shows, behind-the-scenes, private moments from studio time and recreations of old photographs featuring vintage pieces that had been passed down to her. It’s no surprise that she also curated pieces for her vintage store called “Awe-dacious”.

“I like to think of myself as a creator, a multitasker, I style myself and I’m responsible for creating sets for my photo shoots, immersed in the creative direction of all my video shoots”, she mentioned in one of her Instagram captions.

She described her style as forward-thinking with a nod to the past, emphasizing that the past plays a huge role in everything she does. “I love things that have a story behind them”, she shared.

Ms. Dollface (as a journalist would write) as petite as she is, has a larger-than-life personality and I believe people adored her.

So you tell me, how does such a person disappear without a digital trace?

Clearly, I’m not the only one who’s worried. Her last Instagram post, shared in August 2017, has accrued over a hundred comments with different variations of the same question; “where are you?” followed closely by variations of “hope you’re okay” and “we miss you”.

All of these inquiries and public displays of concern have been met with years of silent treatment. No one is responding, at least not to the public.

A search using her real name, Temitope Samatha Phillip-Ebosie, also doesn’t provide any substantial answers.

Do you know where people go when they fall off the Instagram grid? Because I’ve been searching and Temi Dollface is nowhere to be found.