Write a letter to your future self. I promise you’ll love it

Kachi Eloka
2 min readMay 17, 2024



I enjoy being cuddled by Nostalgia. It rocks me gently and faintly hums the melodies of my comfort songs. Lights dim, lost in a wistful gaze, I smile at fond memories.

I’m reading a letter from my past self, she wrote to me in February 2023, and even though there’s a lot she expected that I didn’t deliver on, reading this letter does three things for me;

  1. It reminds me of what was important to me then
  2. It nudges me to refocus on what I’m losing sight of
  3. It brings me joy. I’ve chuckled, cackled, and awwed all the way to the bottom of the page.

It took me two months to gain the courage to read this letter because — you can guess —my past predictions were out of sync with my current reality.

Regardless, the fact that I didn’t follow through on many things I intended to do doesn’t mean I didn’t make progress.

No, I didn’t get “un billet d’ávion” for my “shopping spree in Singapore”, but I did relocate to a different continent, get a well-paid job, and move into my first apartment.

No, my French isn’t significantly better, but I’ve gotten a tutor and I’ve been consistent. Let’s not forget that my 463-day streak on Duolingo is not a small feat.

So, here’s my prompt for you;

Write a letter to your future self. Don’t overthink it. There’s a website (and app) for it — futureme.org — but there are no rules. Write what comes to your mind, what’s important to you right now, and what you imagine for yourself in the future (be it a year from now, or two or five). Touch on your personal or career goals, finances, family, or friendships…whatever you want. You can write it today or wait till your birthday or New Year’s Eve.

The website is pretty self-explanatory, so just go for it.

When the letter is delivered at the future date you’ve sent it to, keep in mind that you don’t have to open it immediately. Remember, it took me two months to open mine.

Happy writing.

To John (f), for introducing me to this practice 🫶🏽